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How to sell The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon’s™ Guide to DIRT
on your Web Site AND earn 50% Commission on every sale!

Sign up for a FREE ClickBank account as an “Affiliate”. ClickBank is a service that hooks up eBook Publishers with Affiliates who would like to sell their eBook. ClickBank takes care of all the processing of credit card payments, etc. and just sends you a check!

Below is the mini-tutorial that will create a link on your web site that passes your visitors through to our site. ClickBank tracks this link so that when YOUR VISITORS order from OUR web site, YOU will get paid!

1 Go to Click Bank to sign up or
2 Click on the “Promote Products” Tab at the top of the page
3 Click on the “sign up now!” Tab at the bottom of the page
4 Fill out the form that pops up and click “Submit”.  (Your user name and password will be sent to the email account you specified on the form so go check your email!)
5 Log into your account and Click the “Account Settings” Tab
6 Go to the right side of the page and click on “I’m an Affiliate, what is my next step”?(Clicking on this will initiate the downloading of a small 3 page pdf file.  Read this.  This will tell you exactly how to put the correct link on your web site to ensure you get paid every time someone buys the ebook through your web site.)
7 When you are instructed to go to the “Marketplace”, do a search under the terms “Curmudgeon Dirt” or “Hand built adobe fast” one or both of these should take you to a list that will have our book listed.Now you can follow the instructions in the pdf that you downloaded by clicking on “create hoplink” and your off and running!
8 Beyond that, on the right are are some graphics you can copy to help get your visitors interested...  AND Below are some ideas for promotional text...

The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon’s™ Guide to Dirt! Hand-building with adobe, papercrete, concrete and more...Fast!
DIRT! Hand building with Adobe, papercrete, pumicecrete & more in Half the time with Half the effort using the New SLPP System!
Dirt! The shortest distance between you
and your hand-built haven.
DIRT! The hand sculpted house.
Do it yourself the Fast and Easy way!

* If you have any trouble with making this happen (or need any other web site design help), or you are completely unfamiliar with web stuff like me, you can contact my web designer at Talk to Gary or Evelyn, and they would be happy to help you. They are an expert at what they do and are very cost effective. You can email them at


to building by hand,
with adobe, papercrete,
and more in


The No-Nonsense Alternative to Alternative Building.
Quit being a blockhead
End all the prep work before it starts with the SLPP System™
No waiting for blocks to cure
No hauling blocks from here to there and back again
Make your blocks and build with them the SAME DAY!
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