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What our readers are saying...

“I didn't know much about building, but after reading this book,
I couldn't wait to get started!”

-Sam from San Diego, CA

“I've daydreamed about building my own dream home but it always sounded like so much work. But not any more.This sounds FUN!”
-Joe from Phoenix, AZ

“Wow, why didn't I think of that?
-Bob from Cottonwood, AZ

"This is a funny, crafty, and inspiring book. It has brought out my artistic side, and although I am not building a home, I certainly have other projects for which the book applies!"
- Evelyn from Orlando, FL



Dirt Book

to building by hand,
with adobe, papercrete,
and more in


The No-Nonsense Alternative to Alternative Building.
Quit being a blockhead
End all the prep work before it starts with the NEW SLPP System
No waiting for blocks to cure
No hauling blocks from here to there and back again
Make your blocks and build with them the SAME DAY!
About the Author: The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon began his career in the construction world buiding residential houses the conventional way - in the shape of a box, as most builders do. Then he discoverd another way of building and another way of being. He found soething deep inside himself he never knew was there - his inner curmudgeon, just itching to come out and play. He has lead workshops on many unconventional building tchniques and artistic methods.
wing roof He has built with every imaginable building material, including but not limited to: adobe (dirt), straw bales, tires, rocks, firewood, cobb (more dirt), papercrete, concrete, old lumber, pallets, cans, broken pottery, bottles, wheels, metal grates, trash, trash cans, rubble, trees, mirrors, stumps, tin, metal can lids, soda bottle caps, fiber-plaster, railroad ties, old chain-link fencing, jars, marbles, cream cans, and even old refrigerators.
Villa Luna Rica